Scott Goodwillie

From Demons and Daddy . . . to Lilith and Shiva, American born artist Scott B. Goodwillie's emotionally-charged figures represent potent creative and destructive forces that provide a visceral 'punch' aimed at disrupting the viewers' normal categories of experience. The artist draws inspiration from a variety of ancient motifs as diverse as Greek and Himalayan myth and the theatrical surrealism of Fellini.

Painting in a realist style, Goodwillie combines smooth, studied Dutch brushstrokes with more edgy, contemporary subjects to create works that are both classically masterful and modern in mood. His Figuring the Forces exhibition features canvases populated by characters he has encountered in New York City, where he resides. In his art, however, he positions these models as archetypes and places them in imaginative and gripping situations. As a result, an intense energy permeates Goodwillie's scenes, which exploit the purgative powers of visual and psychological drama.

Goodwillie, who trained in the private atelier of Michael Aviano and at the Art Students League, is strongly influenced by art from the Renaissance and Baroque eras, as evidenced by his dynamic compositions, dramatic chiaroscuro, and rich striking palettes. His brushwork is as masterful as his finely tuned use of light. Additionally, he has perfected the strength of his figural passages and his nuances of movement are highly accomplished.

Each artist's quality of work and character are critical in Marni's choice to work with them as a representative. Regarding the work and images you see on this website, please take into consideration that pieces sell, styles evolve, things change as we walk through life and some of the 'images' displayed may be gone.

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